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Why Choose Invisalign Over Braces?

Changing the alignment of your teeth is a complex process. For many years, wire and bracket braces were the primary method available to children and adults alike. Teens and adults with minor to moderate alignment issues now have many more options for quick and pain-free adjustments. Invisalign, a type of clear retainer, is one popular choice. But what makes Invisalign so different from braces and other types of orthodontic work? There’s a lot to like about the system, especially for adults who are concerned about the stigma of undergoing visible treatment. Discover if Invisalign is the right kind of teeth aligners for you with this quick guide to its benefits.

Controlled Costs

Invisalign may or may not cost less than braces depending on the length of treatment and the amount of adjustment you need. However, you will get a clear quote from the beginning based on how many retainers you’ll receive over the months to change your tooth alignment. This kind of retainer-based treatment is less likely to incur unexpected extra charges, which are not uncommon with braces. It’s also a method that is more likely than braces to end when expected, both controlling the Invisalign cost and freeing you from the routine of wearing the retainers.

Nearly Invisible Appearance

The nearly invisible appearance of the clear plastic retainer is what gives the brand its distinctive name. While Invisalign retainers are visible when seen very close up, they’re practically impossible to notice from further away. Adults and teens that are concerned about the appearance of braces will likely prefer these retainers for their subtle appearance. Even sub-lingual and clear wire braces are more noticeable than these devices. You’ll need to wear them daily during your normal routine, but you’re unlikely to have anyone notice you’re straightening your teeth since the results are gradual.

Good for Teens and Adults

This kind of treatment is largely recommended for adults and teens since the retainers must be worn all day and taken out for eating and drinking. In fact, there’s even a specialty Invisalign teen program that has retainers designed for their comfort. It’s a good choice for people who didn’t undergo orthodontic treatment as a child and who don’t like the idea of getting braces at their age. Since Invisalign is largely used by adults and older teens, it’s not associated with childhood like braces often are by some people.

Offered by Dentists

Most treatments for changing the alignment of your teeth require the attention of a skilled orthodontist. These doctors specialize in moving teeth and adjusting their alignment, so it’s only natural that they handle braces and surgical interventions. However, Invisalign is often offered by dentists who don’t provide other types of orthodontic work. This can make it easier to visit the dentist for adjustments or new retainers. It also eliminates the need for a referral to a separate office for most patients.

Easily Removed for Eating and Drinking

Braces are attached to your teeth with a series of cemented brackets. This gives the wires a good strong attachment point so they can pull or push your teeth into proper alignment. Of course, that means only an orthodontist can take them off when necessary and it’s a process that takes multiple hours. In contrast, Invisalign retainers pop out any time you need to eat a snack or drink something. There are no restrictions on what you can enjoy as long as the retainer’s out and you rinse your mouth or brush your teeth before replacing it. Since you need to wear the retainer as much as possible, the ease of removal and cleaning makes it preferable to braces for more people.

Shorter Period of Treatment

Most Invisalign treatment plans wrap up in six months to two years. Braces can sometimes go on and off in that short of a time period, but they often require multiple years of use instead. Many patients know of someone from childhood that had braces on for nearly all of their school years. If you only need mild to moderate adjustments to your smile, the shorter treatment period will get you to your smile goals faster. Why wait longer for the same results?

Gradual Adjustments

All forms of orthodontic treatment are gradual because you can’t simply move your teeth around overnight. However, braces are adjusted once every few weeks or months. The adjustment can tighten the wires quite a bit and leave you feeling sore or experiencing headaches for days afterward. Since you move through the Invisalign system by swapping retainers that are only slightly different over the course of months, you’ll experience a more gradual adjustment that is far less likely to cause soreness or headaches. If you found braces too uncomfortable in the past, consider Invisalign as a less impactful alternative.

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