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How To Make Dental Hygiene Fun For Your Kids

“Did you brush your teeth?”It’s a question all parents have asked their children. Because we realize the value of healthy teeth and a beautiful smile, we want them to learn to care for their teeth every day.

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Why Modern Dental Innovations Benefit You

Gone are the days of cold, drab dental offices with antiquated technology seemingly designed to raise anxiety levels among patients. The modern dental experience is driven by comfort, precision, and solutions that both beautify and maximize oral health at the same time.

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Dental Sealants: Simple Cavity Prevention Secret

At Preston Dental Loft, we especially recommend sealants for children and adolescents to protect their teeth and prevent cavities as they grow. While regular brushing and flossing help cavity prevention and overall oral health, even good brushing cannot always reach all the grooves and depressions in your teeth.

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